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T’s & C’s


Unleashing Dreams Fashion House hereafter referred to as “UDF”, “We”, “Our”, and “Us”. The other party entering this contract is further referred to as “The customer/client”, “You” and “Your”.

Placing an Order

An order is considered logged or active once,

  1. The stipulated deposit [of at least 50%] has been paid towards the total invoice.
  2. Applicable measurements relating to the order have been received.
  3. Provisional design as well as discussed and agreed upon fabric applicable to the order has been received and agreed upon by both the fashion house and the new client.

An order number is then generated on behalf of the client by way of an invoice issued physically or electronically.

The customer must check the order form and confirm all the details are correct at the time of purchase. As the ordered goods are custom-made or per specific size, they can neither be returned nor exchanged, failure to check on the goods UDF will not be responsible for orders deemed wrong.

NB: Kindly note that UDF does not commit to replicating a design 100% presented by a client that was sourced from the internet or a replica of another designer’s work. According to South African law replicating other designers’ work without any changes will be considered plagiarism that will lead to criminal charges.

Consultant & Measurement Fees

A consultation and measurement fee of 50% of the total of the order will apply to secure your consultation as well as your appointment for measurements to be taken for your order to start being processed. Should this order be suspended or cancelled within 2 working days and before the fabric is purchased, the deposit is then considered to be refundable.

Fabric purchase & Handling costs

All fabrics and consumables used in the production for the client’s order are sourced for that unique order from external suppliers – we do not manufacture fabrics at UDF. The client agrees that by placing their order with UDF, they are giving us the authority to make certain fabric purchase decisions on their behalf based on our experience and consulting with them. As per industry regulations, once a fabric is cut at the manufacturer or retailer, such fabric can neither be returned/exchanged nor refunded. This rule also applies to UDF client orders. You will be liable for a fabric fee of 100% of the total fabric purchased invoice shown should this order be suspended or cancelled.

Tailoring costs

Tailoring Costs of 100% of the manufacturing cost will apply should an order be suspended or cancelled at its stage of the process.

Returns & Refunds

All returns for online orders will incur courier charges for shipment to and from the customers preferred collection point.
All refunds with legal grounds are processed via EFT on a 30-day cycle from our Head Office. Refunds are unfortunately not processed in-store/studio. Client refund query needs to have been successfully reviewed, processed, and accepted for payment to apply. Refunds without reasonable cause will be auctioned in the form of a UD Fashion voucher or credit


Client’s first fitting date is ideally selected within one working week of placing your order and the deposit has been paid.

We will do all we reasonably can to meet with the agreed fitting date; however, in the case of unforeseen circumstances such as load shedding, we may not be able to do so. UDF Front desk will communicate a substitute date for your fittings.

Please allow a total period of 30 minutes for individuals and 1 hour for a group of more than two. This limitation allows us time to attend to all clients with equal attention. Should you not have ample time for your fittings, please call in and request a rescheduled date and time based on our diaries availability. KINDLY NOTE THAT FITTINGS THAT ARE REQUESTED OUTSIDE THE GENERAL 3-5 FITTING SESSIONS WILL BE CHARGEABLE AT AN HOURLY RATE.

It is important to note that the first fitting [and in some cases, further fittings] means the client’s order is only put in a “fitting position” to determine the fit on the body and not in any way the finished item; accessories like beads, zips, flowers, buttons, etc. will typically be missing from such a garment.

The clients first fitting is their only opportunity to communicate to us any design changes and alterations you may require on their order thereafter changes brought to our attention will be chargeable.

Minor design alterations that may be performed without remaking large portions of the client’s order may be accepted and effected. Major alterations and design changes will attract additional charges the client will be quoted on the day and should they not accept the additional fees, their design will not be affected or changed.

The client’s second fitting date is selected at the end of their first fitting and should be indicated on their order form – where no date is selected, we will contact the client to indicate a convenient time. Please note that a minimum of three (3) fitting sessions are required before the client’s order can be concluded.

We understand that certain orders are for specific dated events, however, it remains the responsibility of the client to ensure all 3 fittings are scheduled within good enough time for the order to be concluded and collected before such an event. UDF will not take responsibility for any orders delayed as a result of tight-fitting schedules imposed by the client.

All fittings are scheduled for between 8 am and 5 pm daily excluding Saturdays; Saturday and after-hour fittings are only scheduled with the written consent of the manager on duty at the time of the request.

We strongly advise that fitting appointments be confirmed at least 24 hours before the actual fitting. Booked fittings are given strict priority over impromptu appearances. Please ensure you have written or electronic proof to this effect.

We strive to make all our products fit perfectly the first time, however, a minimum of three fitting sessions are required and four sessions in the case of more complex items.

On your scheduled fitting day, please do not wear any makeup; items badly soiled during fittings by the customer will not be cleaned before final delivery.


Order Completion

On the completion of the clients, final fitting and the client’s order is communicated as ready for collection once front desk has called them to communicate this, the client must collect their order from our offices within 7 days – after which a daily storage fee of R50 per item becomes applicable until such time that the order is collected.


Due to the uniqueness of every garment, it is not possible to guarantee that the finished item(s), especially those with distressed finishes will have the same colour, pattern, weave and finish as the item viewed either in-store or online, but we will stand by the quality of all completed orders. See attached document about “Washing and caring instructions of Garments”.

Specials, Sale & Promotion

All items marked as “discount/discounted”, “Specials”, “Promotions”, “Sale” or other such labels are deemed to be taken “as is” or “voetstoots” and refunds are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Item exchanges and alterations may be permitted in some cases and a handling fee may be charged. We, unfortunately, cannot remove any item from a promotional bundle without reverting to the original price of the individual items in the bundle and recalculating the entire invoice.

Online Sale and Promotions

Online Items marked as “discount/discounted”, “Specials”, “Promotions”, “Sale” or other such labels are deemed to be taken “as is” or “voetstoots” and refunds are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Item exchanges and alterations may be permitted in some cases and a handling fee may be charged. In some cases, Online sales are Bespoke sales, this means items are only manufactured after your order is placed. Please read the special conditions indicated on the promotional material of the specific item you are purchasing. For rapid sellers, the advertised fabric usually runs out – please note that by purchasing an item on SALE online, you agree that if the initially advertised fabric is sold out, a suitable alternative can be used for your order with prior communication.

Readymade items purchased in store

Unused or unworn items in their original packaging may be returned within 7 days of purchase.

Used items can be altered to your satisfaction or store credit can be issued. Refunds are not permitted or used items.

Once an item purchased in-store is altered in any shape or form (by UDF or an external tailor) for the client, such an item cannot be refunded or exchanged.

Turnaround times:

Our standard turnaround time is 14 to 28 working days on ready-to-wear items, in the event of requested changes made to our ready-to-wear garment this turnaround time may then stretch to 14 working days. It will take 6-12 weeks for customized garments; we will ensure you schedule your entire 3 fitting sessions within the time you wish for your order to be completed.

Rush orders:

Orders required for collection within 2 to 9 working days carry a rush fee of R500 per item. Same-day orders carry an R250 fee.

Because of tight deadlines applicable to rush orders, returns or refunds are strictly prohibited.

Courier disclaimer:

Ud Fashions does make use of a third-party courier service and have to follow the procedure as per the third parties’ turnaround times. Which may vary in instances of public holidays and no working days such as weekends. It may also take additional time when delivery address falls outside urban areas. However, as we endeavor to give the client after-sale service we will continue to track the delivery until the client receives their order

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